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Briefing paper

31 Aug 2017

The brief considers issues facing these groups of Indigenous people in their contact with police, in courts, in custody and post-release, highlighting the lack of appropriate diversionary programs at all stages of this contact.


17 Apr 2016

Australian prison populations have exploded in recent years, despite a general decline in many reported crimes; during 2015 at least 65,000 people flowed in and out of jail.

Aboriginal people were almost three times more likely to have been in out-of-home care as children....

Briefing paper

1 Jun 2015

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse Research Brief 19 provides new insights into Indigenous women’s offending by examining previously unpublished police and court data for the period 2010-2012. While there are differences across the selected Australian jurisdictions, the authors find that the offences that most often appeared in...


15 May 2012

There is a lack of empirical research in Australia examining the lifecourse institutional costs associated with vulnerable people who are homeless. The study presented here has developed pathway costings using the Mental Health and Cognitive Disability in the Criminal Justice System (MHDCD) Dataset that contains...


8 Dec 2003

The community can be protected in the longer term by minimising the likelihood of ex-prisoners reoffending after they are released. One strategy for reducing the risk of recidivism is the provision of treatment, services and support to prisoners during their incarceration and after their release....

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