Response to the South Australian Productivity Commission Inquiry into reform of South Australia’s regulatory framework

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In January 2021 the South Australian Premier asked the South Australian Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into modern regulation. The task was to identify regulatory reforms to better support investment, employment and productivity growth in South Australia.

This response is focused on those areas recommended as in need of greatest improvement notably the regulatory policy development process, and post implementation reviews. It also builds on positions of strength such as making it easier to do business through digital initiatives, and in supporting innovative regulatory responses to new and emerging technologies and industries.

The government has not supported the Commission’s recommendation to establish a centralised de-regulation unit as in other jurisdictions. Instead, the government will focus on strengthening current arrangements, and the primacy of ministerial accountability and Cabinet processes. Greater use will be made of existing performance measurement and reporting frameworks for driving improved regulator performance until new reforms in other jurisdictions are fully assessed. Overall, the government has accepted the majority of the recommendations either in full or with partial support.

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