This report provides the multi-disciplinary context for, and approach to building a digital CBD, led by the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, the RMIT Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation and the RMIT Digital Ethnography Research Centre. The report draws together expertise surrounding digital technologies and cities from economics, law, the social sciences, media and communications, and cybersecurity to identify Melbourne’s challenges, transition points and opportunities.

The report sets forward an economic rejuvenation agenda with an inclusive focus on fairer outcomes, advancing shared goals, such as equality and sustainability, and ensuring the digital CBD will support the public good.

In this report, the authors identify four transition points that shape our understanding of why Melbourne is in the perfect position to build a digital CBD:

  1. The adoption of digital technologies has rapidly accelerated following the need to work, study and socialise from home;
  2. A changing local and global economy is demonstrating the need for substantial entrepreneurial adjustment to discover a prosperous post-COVID economy;
  3. A powered-up process of economic evolution is rapidly selecting different sectors and types of firms; and
  4. A re-ordering of institutional and political forces is occurring.
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