The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Steering Committee was established following a tripartisan commitment to take action to prevent and respond to sexual assault in Canberra. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Steering Committee, its working groups and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultation Committee, heard directly from stakeholders - including victim survivors.

This review calls on the ACT Government to commit to a wide-ranging, long-term strategy aimed at preventing sexual violence: calling out and seeking to change attitudes and behaviours that enable and perpetuate sexual violence, investing in life long relationship and sexuality education, and working with government agencies, the private sector and the community to implement concrete actions that will reduce the risk and occurrence of sexual violence in all places where people in the ACT live, work and play. These actions need to be tailored to the range of situations where sexual violence can occur in both public and private settings. Employers should ensure policies and practices are in place that maintain workplaces free of sexual harassment and violence; businesses and community organisations and education facilities should be educated about and take action to reduce the risks of sexual violence on their premises or in their operations; and people across the community should learn how to be effective and active bystanders who  know how and when to intervene to lessen the risk of sexual violence.

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