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Tipping point: a plan for a shock-proof aged care system

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Everyone deserves quality care as they get older. But years of back-to-back crises have shown that Australia’s aged care system is letting too many people down.

Much has been said about aged care in recent months and weeks, and how to address the current crisis. As it should be, the treatment and care of older people in Australia is proving to be a priority for many of the candidates of the upcoming election. Concern about aged care has reached a tipping point.

The global COVID-19 pandemic did not create Australia’s aged care crisis. It worsened it, and it exposed the holes at the heart of the system. Aged care homes had been struggling to provide quality care and keep their doors open. Older Australians were paying the price. Australia’s aged care system was not prepared for the shock of COVID-19. Yet the pandemic struck halfway through a landmark Royal Commission, and after twenty years and twenty reviews into aged care. Government after government had failed to act, choosing piecemeal changes and band-aid solutions that left older people vulnerable.

To help guide the decisions that must be made, and make sure aged care is prepared for all the challenges of the future – not just the immediate crises we face – Anglicare Australia has developed this blueprint to transform the system and prepare it for future shocks.

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