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21 Feb 2018

This aggregate-level analysis finds no evidence that the Bail Assessment Officer intervention had an impact on the granting of bail at first appearance, bail refused days or time on remand.


26 Feb 2016


Aim: To explain the rapid rise in the NSW prison population over the five years from 2011 to 2015.

Methods: Descriptive analysis of court, police and prison data. Kendall’s tau was used to test for significant change in trend...

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18 May 2015

Prison population forecasting is fraught with difficulty. Many factors affect the size of the prison population, including levels of crime, the number of arrests, the proportion of arrestees convicted, the proportion refused bail, the proportion given a prison sentence, the average length of prison sentences,...


15 May 2014

This paper provides a preliminary analysis of the rapid rise in the NSW prison population from January 2013 to March 2014.

Method: Descriptive analysis of court, crime, arrest and correctional data, and ARIMA modelling of prison trends.

Results: The key factors...


1 Nov 2012

After steadily increasing for more than a decade, from mid 2009 the NSW prison population started falling. This paper identifies why this has occurred.

Method: The study relied upon administrative data. Corrections data was considered to gauge the size, timing and nature of...

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