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One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 crisis so far has been a sudden reduction of the state’s population. It fell by 0.68% or from 6,693,358 to 6,649,066 people by mid-2021. There were a range of flow-on effects within the state, such as a fall in population in some metropolitan areas and a rise of people living in regional areas.

Victoria has previously experienced a period of strong population growth due to strong net inward flows of people from inter-state and internationally. The state’s 'natural' rate of population growth is very low. The COVID-19 crisis has, however, made many existing projections of the state’s population redundant.

The paper explores the implications of the crisis in an historical perspective. It provides estimates of the impacts on different electorates and develops a cluster analysis of different areas in the state. These are presented using a range of visualisation techniques.

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Research Note 2/2022