Each year the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) surveys the attitudes of Australian business and industry to gauge views on climate and energy policy, corporate climate action and economic implications of international developments. The 2020 survey is the sixth in a series, allowing the CMI to track trends on business views and practices.

2020 was set to be a pivotal year for climate action with the commencement of the Paris Agreement, but no-one could have expected the twists and turns it delivered. Despite the disruptive and destructive interruption of COVID, investor, community and corporate concerns and actions regarding climate action have continued gaining momentum following the Black Summer bushfire disaster. A recent surge in global momentum, to be enhanced by a US Biden administration, sees Australian business attitudes solidifying and strengthening as they turn to economic opportunities that can come from a transition to net-zero emissions. Targets and transition planning are being demanded as crucial economic and policy signals to bolster Australia’s low-emissions technology strategies.

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