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Globally, transport systems are rapidly transforming and electric vehicles (EVs) are a major part of this transformation. Although the uptake of EVs has been slower in Australia than in many other countries, it is expected that the number of EVs in Australia will accelerate rapidly in the next five to ten years.

Most Australian States and Territories are implementing policies and programs to encourage the uptake of EVs. In addition, at the national level, jurisdictions are collaborating through a Low and Zero Emission Vehicles working group to manage the introduction of EVs and other vehicles in Australia. However, the Northern Territory’s characteristics including long distances, a small and widely dispersed population and extreme climatic conditions present unique challenges for the introduction of EVs.

This Electric Vehicle Strategy and Implementation Plan has been developed to support the increased uptake of EVs in the Northern Territory. Following industry and community feedback on the 2019 NT EV Discussion Paper, four priority areas for action have been identified:

  • Vehicle costs and availability
  • Vehicle charging
  • Knowledge, skills and innovation, and
  • Consumer information
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