Government and the voluntary sector: investigating funding and engagement

Volunteering Great Britain

This UK report looks into federal government involvement regarding volunteering in the community sector.
Compact Voice issued Freedom of Information requests to a number of central government departments to determine levels of funding of the voluntary sector, changes to this funding, engagement with the sector through consultation and the extent to which the impact of funding changes on the sector are being assessed when decisions are made.
These requests were made to establish how departments were implementing the principles of the Compact, following the launch of the updated document in December 2010 and subsequent accountability and transparency guide, as well as other commitments government had undertaken. The requests were made in the hope that departments’ responses would provide us with a consistent data set which enabled comparisons across government departments. However, the responses we received indicated that in many instances, the data we requested is not recorded, collected or collated. Because we did not receive much of the information we were seeking, we have not been able to make such comparisons.

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