A national approach to closed circuit television

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The original edition of the National Code of Practice for CCTV Systems for the Mass Passenger Transport Sector for Counter-Terrorism (the Code) was published on 14 July 2006. The Code was reviewed in 2010-2011. The Review recommended that:

  • Governments agree to develop a revised version of the Code, under the Standing Committee on Transport (SCOT) leadership and in consultation with the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC), that includes the proposed changes identified in this Review.
  • Governments agree to inform the NCTC CCTV Working Group of the findings from this Review, including the development of a national approach to the use of CCTV for counter-terrorism.

These recommendations and the proposed changes identified in the Review are reflected in this updated version of the Code. The March 2012 version of the Code supersedes the 14 July 2006 version.

All Australian Governments were represented or had input into the review and subsequent rewrite working groups.

The Code has been developed by Australian Governments as a guide to future investments in CCTV. It is not mandatory.

The Code is not designed as a uniform, ‘one-size-fits-all’ prescription or specification. It supplements other guidance material, the application of which is determined by each jurisdiction’s transport security risk assessments and legislation.

For more localised advice, those in the transport sector (‘owner/operators’) who plan to install or upgrade CCTV systems should engage in the first instance with their respective jurisdiction transport security regulatory authority, then with law- enforcement authorities and other stakeholders. Being key agencies in transport security and counter-terrorism, their input in planning and execution is essential.

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