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Budgetary impact of timely specialist disability accommodation payment approvals

Housing for people with disability National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) People with disability Australia

Thousands of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) dwellings are required to meet the housing needs of Australians with complex needs. Private capital plays a significant role in funding the build and refurbishment of housing stock that is needed. This investment supports the government’s vision for a market-based system and reduces the pressure on public funds.

This budgetary analysis shows that additional SDA approvals delivering substantial quality of life improvements may well not impose substantial additional budgetary costs, as savings significantly offset SDA costs.

The analysis also illustrates how important it is to develop integrated models of disability housing and support where these enable delivery of lower cost support. Relatively small improvements in the efficiency of delivering support can have large budgetary impacts. Consequently, it is a high priority to design a range of innovative housing and support options, and evaluate them properly to understand both how much they improve quality of life for people with disabilities, and their budgetary impacts.

The analysis in this draft paper reflects the accuracy and availability of data in June 2022. The analysis can be refined with a broader set of perspectives, and as better data becomes available. This discussion paper invites stakeholders and other knowledgeable parties to offer their perspectives and feedback on the analysis, including its methodology, data sources and assumptions.

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