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Voice, Treaty, Truth? The role of truth-telling in Australian, state and territory governments’ reconciliation processes: a chronology from 2015

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Truth-telling has a long history. In Australia, reports such as Bringing them home, and speeches, including Prime Minister Paul Keating’s 1992 Redfern Speech and the 2008 National Apology all evoked the notion that telling the truth of history is necessary to move the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples forward.

While mindful of the history of truth-telling, this chronology begins with the Referendum Council, focusing on moments of truth-telling that follow from the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

While truth-telling may be implemented primarily at local, community and regional levels, its inclusion in the Uluru Statement, addressed to the Australian people as a whole, called forth government responses at both Australian and state and territory levels. This paper outlines Australian and state and territory-level initiatives, seeking to capture the ways in which these governments have responded to, and understood calls for, truth-telling.

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