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Community resilience, wellbeing and recovery: evaluating current knowledge of the role of community assets

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This document reviews the state of current knowledge on the role of community assets in supporting community resilience, recovery and wellbeing, focusing on disaster recovery and resilience building processes. It forms part of the Community resilience, wellbeing and recovery project.

Community assets can include government, non-government organisations, voluntary associations, individuals, families or interest groups. Similarly, they can include a physical structure, a place/location within the community, or a community service. If someone, or something, supports quality of life in a community, it can be considered a community asset.

Resilience, recovery and wellbeing of communities is a function not only of what occurs at the community scale, but also what occurs at other scales. This includes what is happening within community households, and also how those who normally are based outside a local community provide support to that community during and after disaster - including, local government, state and federal government agencies, and business and non-government organisations operating at scales larger than the local community. Given this, it is important to consider both community assets that are based locally, as well as those that are ‘external assets’ who may enter a community after disaster, or provide assistance to locally-based residents and organisations, rather than focusing only on assets physically located in local communities.

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