The Maori economic development strategy and action plan

20 Nov 2012

The Maori Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, He kai kei aku ringa, is designed to boost Maori economic performance and benefit all New Zealanders.
He kai kei aku ringa means providing the food you need with your own hands. The documents have been developed by the independent Māori Economic Development Panel and sets out a blueprint for Māori economic development through to 2040.
The aim is to achieve a productive, innovative, and export orientated Māori economy that will support better paying jobs and higher living standards. The first Action Plan covers the period 2012-2017 and includes 26 action points which include areas such as education and on-job training; governance of Māori assets and access to capital; land productivity; and taking Brand Māori and Brand New Zealand to the world.
The Action Plan recommends a series of actions that Māori, Government and the private sector can all deliver on. All sectors need to act together to achieve the vision of the strategy.
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