Australia's progress in the digital economy: participation, trust and confidence (Report 2)

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The digital economy is important to most Australians with almost three-quarters of the adult population believing the internet has improved their day-to-day lives. The real benefits of the internet are demonstrated by the increasing frequency of internet use and the range and scope of activities performed online. For many Australians, going online is about getting day-to-day tasks done and accessing information and services that facilitate daily social and economic interactions. At June 2012, 73 per cent of internet users went online more than once a day. Australians spent on average 81 hours online during June 2012.   The most significant development in online participation in the 12 months to June 2012 has been the general increase in activities performed online via mobile phone handsets in comparison to computers. Activities relating to shopping and entertainment experienced the highest proportional increases in the number of people performing these activities online. The increasing importance of the internet as an economic channel is further reflected in the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, which shows a significant increase in the revenue earned by Australian businesses from the sale of goods and services online.

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