A contributing life: the 2012 national report card on mental health and suicide prevention

27 Nov 2012

This report examines how Australia as a nation supports the estimated 3.2 million Australians each year who live with a mental health difficulty, their families and support people.


Australia leads the world in progressive mental health policy, but it falls down in delivery. The report card paints a big reform picture, makes ten specific recommendations, and calls for change in a range of areas where the Commission believes action can and must start now.

For example:

  • reducing the early death of Australians with severe mental illness and improving their physical health
  • minimising the use of seclusion and restraint
  • increasing access to mental health services from 6-8 to 12 per cent of Australia’s population
  • making the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a higher priority
  • stopping people from being discharged from mental health services into homelessness or unstable homes
  • increasing the employment rates of people with mental illness and paying greater attention to supporting them at work
  • increasing access to home based visiting to support families and children
  • providing effective, local interventions to prevent suicide.


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