In partnership with the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, Media Diversity Australia has prepared this ‘report card’ on Indigenous and cultural diversity in television news, with insights into what has changed, what has stayed the same, and opportunities to lead the charge toward greater diversity.

The report card comes two years after Media Diversity Australia released the landmark report Who gets to tell Australian stories? The 2020 research provided baseline findings on the stark lack of cultural diversity in television news and current affairs, both on and off screen, which made headlines across the nation and around the globe.

This report provides evidence from five studies combining qualitative and quantitative data on:

  • the cultural diversity of reporters and presenters
  • the diversity of network boards and television news editorial leaders
  • a survey of attitudes of journalists working in newsrooms
  • interviews with regional newsroom leaders, and
  • a representative sample of Australian viewers who were polled about their views on representation in news and current affairs.
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