Information economy report 2012: the software industry and developing countries

Economics Information technology

The spread of information and communication technologies continues to facilitate technological of the Information Economy Report have documented how the rapid diffusion of mobile telephony and improved international broadband connectivity, including in the least developed countries (LDCs), as well as the introduction of new services and applications, are facilitating more inclusive development. This not only has implications for enterprise development but it also expands the scope for leveraging ICTs in such development areas as health, education, governance, the private sector and more. In order, however, to ensure that this improved the devices and services provided have to respond effectively to the needs and capabilities of users. In many instances, this in turn necessitates access to relevant technological capabilities within the domestic economy. This applies in particular to the area of goods and services offered by both the private and public sectors. Against this background, the Information Economy Report 2012 puts the focus on the role of software in developing countries.

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