This strategy hopes to change the trajectory of the creative sector, delivering new momentum to Australia's arts, entertainment and cultural sector.

The document is structured around five, interconnected pillars which set out the Australian government's strategic objectives.

  1. First Nations First: Recognising and respecting the crucial place of First Nations stories at the centre of Australia's arts and culture.
  2. A Place for Every Story: Reflecting the breadth of our stories and the contribution of all Australians as the creators of culture.
  3. Centrality of the Artist: Supporting the artist as worker and celebrating artists as creators.
  4. Strong Cultural Infrastructure: Providing support across the spectrum of institutions which sustain our arts, culture and heritage.
  5. Engaging the Audience: Making sure our stories connect with people at home and abroad.

Sitting across these pillars are ten principles that guide the government's actions and investments over the next five years:

  1. First Nations arts and culture are First Nations led.
  2. All Australians, regardless of language, literacy, geography, age or education, have the opportunity to access and participate in arts and culture.
  3. Artists and arts workers have career structures that are long-term and sustainable, supported by vocational pathways.
  4. Australian students have the opportunity to receive an education that includes culture, creativity, humanities and the arts.
  5. Creative talent is nurtured through fair remuneration, industry standards and safe and inclusive work cultures.
  6. Arts and cultural organisations have representation and leadership that is reflective of contemporary Australia.
  7. Cultural infrastructure, including galleries, libraries, museums, archives and digital collections, is restored, built and maintained.
  8. Australian stories are seen and heard, regardless of platform.
  9. Creative industries and practice are future focused, technology enabled, networked and globally recognised, including through reciprocal exchange, export and cultural diplomacy.
  10. Arts and culture are generative (creating new works and supporting emerging artists) and preservative (protecting heritage and conserving cultural memory).
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