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Report on the internal review of the Red Tape Reduction Act

Government regulatory policy Regulatory burden Red tape Regulatory system Canada

The Red Tape Reduction Act, through the application of the 'one-for-one rule', aims to control the administrative burden that regulations impose on businesses.

In 2020, as required under the act itself, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat reviewed the act. This is the report on the internal review.

The review found that the one‑for‑one rule is working. This rule requires that every increase in the administrative burden on business be offset with a corresponding decrease and that a regulation be repealed for every new regulation that imposes burden on business.

The review showed the limits of the rule and that we should:

  • promote review of regulatory stock as a way of making sure regulations are relevant
  • consider broadening the scope of the rule beyond business to cover administrative burden on individuals and organizations, not just on businesses
  • explore ways to address cumulative regulatory burden
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