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In collaboration with Victorian regulators, Better Regulation Victoria has developed a guide with 10 principles to support regulators in their journey towards best practice.

The guide sets out 10 regulatory practice principles under 3 themes, with sub-elements that detail how these principles may be put into effect.


  1. Be clear on your regulatory outcome and the harms you are trying to minimise

  2. Establish and refine your approach to minimising harms

  3. Ensure your regulatory regime is fit for purpose


  1. Support duty holders to understand the value of compliance and harm reduction

  2. Support duty holders to comply

  3. Target regulatory effort based on risk of harm

  4. Evaluate and communicate your efforts and their impact on your regulatory outcomes

Enabling practices

  1. Work with regulatory peers and partners on shared harms and risks

  2. Be transparent and accountable for how you perform your activities

  3. Continuously improve your regulatory operations


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