Submission to the ALRC in response to Issues Paper 42: copyright and the digital economy

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The response submission by the Australian Publishers Association in regards to the current Australian copyright law.
The APA’s members are active participants in the digital economy. Further, publishers and other creators are at the forefront of new and innovative digital business models.
In relation to sales of books and ebooks, such models include not just sales through bookstores (including online stores) but also direct licensing of ebooks.
Whatever their source licences offered include (but are not limited to):  
licences specifically designed for individuals and organisations including site licences, licences that allow off-site access and licences developed for sales to and lending by libraries;
bundling and subscription models;
payments based on actual use rather than flat fees;
delivery systems that allow a certain number of backups or the unlimited transfer of the relevant title to devices owned by the customer;
licences for customers (such as educational institutions) to provide their own clients with access to copyright material through Learning Management Systems (“LMS”); and
access via cloud storage services.

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