L4YP final snapshot report 2012

30 Apr 2012

This snapshot report makes existing information from a range of sectors more accessible to those with a concern for youth in the Shires of Glenelg and Southern Grampians in Southwest Victoria. This report is one of the outcomes of the Landscapes for Youth Project (L4YP). This three-year project is being funded by the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development in partnership with Glenelg Southern Grampians Local Learning Employment Network (GSGLLEN), the Shires of Glenelg and Southern Grampians, and RMIT University Hamilton.The Snapshot Report provides an overview of what we know about young people living in the municipalities of Southern Grampians and Glenelg. The Report is a comprehensive data and evidence based reference document describing the assets and the issues experienced by young people across both Shires, which has been gathered over the life of the project. This is the second such report and the last update is scheduled for 2013.

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