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State of South Australia 2006

20 Mar 2007

The State of South Australia project seeks to meet a need for considered analysis and reflection on the major social, economic, cultural and political trends and policy challenges facing South Australia. It brings together a group of respected academic researchers and commentators concerned about ensuring prosperity for all in South Australia.

The reports are separated into subject areas as follows:

State of The Arts, (pdf) Jo Caust
State of Community Services (pdf), Lou Wilson and Keri Chiveralls
State of Employment (pdf), John Spoehr and Eric Parnis
State of The Environment (pdf), Andrew Lothian
State of Gender-Responsive Policies and Budgets (pdf), Ray Broomhill and Rhonda Sharp
State of Housing (pdf), Lionel Orchard and Kathy Arthurson
State of Income and Wealth (pdf), Peter Travers
State of Indigenous Issues (pdf), Jane Robbins
State of Law and Order (pdf), John M. Williams
State of Metropolitan Planning (pdf), Alan Hutchings and Steve Hamnett
State of Politics (pdf), Clement Macintyre
State of Population (pdf), Graeme Hugo

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