Safe, supportive and disciplined school environments

12 Sep 2012

The Safe, Supportive and Disciplined School Environment procedure houses the guidelines for implementation of the Code of School Behaviour and the Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students. All state schools are required to have an approved Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students which details a range of responses designed to faciltate positive learning and responsible behaviour in students and must address the provision for the use of: time-out,  physical restraint,  detention, suspension, exclusion, cacellation of enrolment and a behaviour improvement condition within the range of management options.

Individual circumstances including age and maturity of student must be considered prior to the implementation of disciplinary measures. Grounds for suspension include disobedience, misconduct, other student conduct that is significantly detrimental to the school or other state schools. Grounds for exclusion can only be substantiated if suspension of the student is inadequate to address the situation. Cancellation of Enrolment may occur if a student of post compulsory school age demonstrates a refusal to participate in the educational program offered at the school. The right to appeal may be exercised against 6-20 day suspensions, against recommendations/proposals to exclude or cancel enrolment and to appeal for a review of a behaviour improvement condition.

All School Disciplinary Absence (DSA) letters must be composed using OneSchool and copies of letters directed to students and parents are to be stored in school files or uploaded on OneSchool.

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