Managing student absences and enforcing enrolment and attendance at state schools

Schools Australia Queensland

This procedural outline details parents' obligations for ensuring their child's school attendance. Unless a reasonable excuse is provided, parents/Legal Guarduians are legally obligated to ensure that all of their dependants in the compulsory participation phase are enrolled and attend school. Failure by parents to uphold these obligations may result in prosecution. In the instance of occasional absence from school, the parent must comply with their compulsory schooling and participation obligation by providing a satisfactory reason for their child's absence.  In an instance where it is not appropriate to contact the student's parents, or if the student is an adult, a satisfactory reason for absence is to be sought directly from the student. Early identification of students who exhibit irregular attendance is an essential aspect of minimising student absences. An integrated approach involving schools working closely with other relevant agencies in order to support parents' efforts to meet their enrolment and attendance obligations may be required. 

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