National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) roadmap review discussion paper

Infrastructure Industries Australia

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program aims to achieve a strategic and collaborative approach to investment in world-class research facilities, networks and infrastructure that are accessible to researchers and meet their long-term needs. The program is well on its way to meeting these goals and adhering to the principles set down in the NCRIS Roadmap. For the most part, each of the capabilities funded under NCRIS is clearly focussed on delivering infrastructure that supports research and contributes ultimately to more strategic outcomes in specific areas. The task now is for us to ensure that the ways in which we achieve these goals remain current and relevant to the principal stakeholders in NCRIS outcomes, including the research community, government and others. A particular challenge may be to examine how capabilities can better interact with each other, and improve the ways in which research occurs across capabilities.

The current NCRIS Roadmap was developed by the NCRIS Committee in 2005 following extensive consultation with the research community and other stakeholders. An updated Roadmap will inform decisions about investments in medium to large-scale research infrastructure over the next 10 years and, in particular, will take into account national and international developments in research that might impact on, or influence, how our national research capability is developed.

The Review of the NCRIS Roadmap will specifically examine how the current capabilities can be refined, where the priorities are, and what key new capabilities can be identified, taking into account the research landscape. The Review’s challenge is to articulate the improvements that can be made to the existing Roadmap – it is important to bear in mind that this Review is not an evaluation of the NCRIS program. An evaluation will be undertaken in late 2009.

Responses need to be in by Wednesday 14 May.

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