Flexible arrangements for school students

9 Jul 2012

This procedure outlines the conditions of approved flexible arrangements which can take place on or off the school site. A student in the compulsory participation phase does not require a flexible arrangement when an alternative education provider is providing an eligible option. During the flexible arrangement the student remains enrolled at school and the principal retains responsibility for the student’s educational program. In a flexible arrangement, a student’s educational program can be delivered in part or wholly by another education provider.

A flexible arrangement for a student of compulsory school age can be approved only if the student’s parent has given written agreement to the arrangement and the arrangement has been discussed with the student as appropriate to their age and other relevant circumstances. The arrangement must be discussed with the student’s parents when practicable and appropriate in the circumstances and a student in the compulsory participation phase must give written agreement to the flexible arrangement.

Participation in a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship does not require a flexible arrangement.

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