Supporting student's mental health and wellbeing

Australia Queensland

This document reflects Education Queensland's committment to creating an inclusive learning environment that supports the mental health and wellbeing of all students. 

The procedure covers three areas in the support of students' social and emotional wellbeing.

These are:  

  • mental health promotion and illness prevention - Provision of Supportive School Environment and curriculum activities that support the development of students' social and emotional skills and wellbeing.
  • early intervention
  • when there is reasonable suspicion that the student may have a significant social and emotional wellbeing or mental health difficulty that prevents them from engaging appropriately.


It is known that students who have good mental health learn faster and often have better relationships with teachers, peers and families. Responsibility for the social and emotional wellbeing of students must be shared amongst the school, the student, the student's family, the health system and the wider community.


Mental health difficulties can be expressed in behaviour that: 

  • persists in time
  • is outside expected age appropriate responses
  • prevents a student from learning or participating in the life of the school community
  • cannot be accommodated through normal classroom adjustments.

It is noted that school participation is a crucial component of care planning for students requiring clinical interventionas schools support students' mental health and social and emotional wellbeing by working in partnership with parents, clinical care providers and specialist mental health services, to ensure that they are supportive and engaging places for all students.

Where there is a suspicion of harm to students or others as a result of or contributing to the students' suspected social and emotional difficulty, follow procedures in Student Protection (128)( (128) ).

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