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Briefing paper

27 Oct 2017

This Insight sets out the five big takeways from a recent visit to China.


23 Jun 2017

Kiwis are increasingly concerned about inequality – paradoxically, inequality has barely changed in 20 years.


18 Nov 2016

New Zealand has just had a ‘near miss’ with tsunami risk – for the second time in the last three months. An earlier NZIER Insight (no. 63) covered how a tsunami warning was issued 1 hour 20 minutes after the earthquake centred offshore from Te...

Journal article

9 Aug 2016

Presents data using a variety of lenses – the state as taxer, spender, producer, employer, investor and steward – to assess how the size and shape of the state has changed since 1900.


30 Dec 2012

The Institute’s Managing for Performance Project considered how the performance information system in the New Zealand state sector could be better aligned with the needs of key users and achieve a greater focus on outcomes. Underpinning this question was a perception that the information produced...

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