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21 Mar 2017

Agreements negotiated under the regime created by the Native Title Act (1993) are often seen as having the potential to address disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and promote Aboriginal economic independence. This applies particularly to regional Western Australia, where remote communities...


6 Nov 2013

Background: The current mining boom has brought considerable wealth throughout Australia, but the benefits are not distributed evenly. The majority of Australian mining activities are in remote locations where demand for labour usually exceeds local supply, requiring a long-distance commuting (LDC) workforce from source communities...


20 Mar 2013

This survey examines changing patterns of workforce participation, changing patterns of rural land use, income and expenditure flows and cross-sectoral influences between mining and agriculture. It makes a contribution to the wider literature concerning the socio-economic implications of mining.


1 Jan 2013

This research project examines the socio-economic implications of long distant commute (LDC) workforce arrangements in the resources sector for two 'source' or 'resident' localities, (rather than on the host communities where mines operate), and communities in regional Australia. They are distant from mining operations, but...

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