Politics/Media Conference proceedings

Mass media Australia

This conference was held at the University of Melbourne on 12-13 February 2008 and brought together researchers and practitioners in Australian politics, media and political communication for two days of presentations, debate and discussion. Conference papers covered political reporting from both a research and practitioner point of view. A number of papers focused specifically on the 2007 federal election campaign; while others took a broader view of political communications in both theory and practice. One of the underlying themes apparent in all of the papers was the extent of change in the field of political communication. Given the speed of 24 hour news flows and the capacities of new technology, a second theme was how researchers can study and measure these changes.

Papers included:

Brian McNair: Politics and the Media in the Age of Dissolutions

Saskia Bourne: The Rise of the Australian Commentariat: A Discussion of Metacoverage and Research Directions

Geoffrey Craig: Kevin Rudd and the Framing of ‘Politics’ in News Media Interviews

Helen Ester: Political Communication and Political Journalists

David McKnight: Telling the Story of Global Warming: News and Opinion at News Corporation

Mugdha Rai: Globalisation, Sovereignty and the Media: News Discourses Surrounding Refugees

Stephanie Younane: Australian Political Rhetoric: Constructions of National Identity and Belonging in the 2007 Election Campaign

Sally Young: The Media Story of the Campaign: Sky News and the 2007 Election.

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