Victorian Government Aboriginal affairs report 2012

21 Mar 2013

On 22 November 2012, the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2013 – 2018 (VAAF) was released, strengthening the Government’s commitments to Aboriginal Victorians. The VAAF builds on the previous frameworks, setting clear priorities for building opportunities and responding to the needs of Aboriginal people over the next six years. The VAAF includes strategic indicators of progress, with specific targets, to ensure a focus on priority outcomes.

Underpinned by rigorous performance and accountability, the VAAF commits to stronger engagement with Aboriginal Victorians, better coordination, improved effort and systematic performance management and reporting, driven across government by the Secretaries Leadership Group on Aboriginal Affairs.

This Report delivers on the Government’s commitment to accountability and transparency, by continuing to release a whole of government annual Aboriginal affairs report that identifies progress against commitments, including targets.

On 24 March 2011, in a clear demonstration of bipartisan support for Closing the Gap, the Premier, the Deputy Premier and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, together with the Leader of the Opposition, the Shadow Spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs, Aboriginal leaders and others, recommitted to the Close the Gap Statement of Intent at Parliament House.

The Victorian Government established four guiding principles to inform Victoria’s Aboriginal affairs policy intentions and delivery, which are now incorporated in the VAAF. These are: aspirations; accountability; engagement and inclusiveness; partnership building and a whole of community approach.

Government also set out important actions to be progressed to deliver the Government’s agenda for Aboriginal affairs. These include the development of Departmental Inclusion Action Plans, strengthening Victoria’s Aboriginal affairs framework and releasing an Aboriginal affairs report annually.

This Report outlines progress against VAAF priorities. It provides an analysis of the most recently available data and an overview of activity by Victorian Government departments up to the end of 2012.

The content of the 2012 Report aligns with the VAAF. It has a stronger emphasis on evaluation and reports against the identified targets and measures in the six VAAF Strategic Action Areas.

Progress reflects access by Aboriginal Victorians to State, Commonwealth and local government provided or funded services that are important in delivering improved outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians. Ultimately, it reflects the combined efforts of the Victorian Aboriginal community, all levels of government and other sectors.

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