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25 Mar 2013

ACELG has released a new scoping study that explores the relationship between social enterprises and local governments.

Entitled Social Enterprises and Local Government: A Scoping Study the paper outlines current knowledge about local governments in Australia and overseas working with social enterprises to achieve...


28 Feb 2013

Manufacturing is an important industry for North West Tasmania, but it is an industry that has, over the last decades, been undergoing significant change. Manufacturing Industry Innovation: Future Directions for North West Tasmania is written as a brief survey report to draw together ‘what we...

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1 Jan 2012

Increasing communities' participation in development processes has been the subject of both policy aspiration and scholarly critique. This paper explores the implications of a critical perspective on the 'elusive goal' of participation for community development practitioners. Drawing on insights from a range of scholars, this...

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1 Jan 2008

Ideas about the importance of knowledge and innovation in the global economy have implications for the changing role of universities but so too do ideas about the role of place-based knowledge in generating competitive advantage and innovation at the regional scale. As the concern to...

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1 Jan 2006

It is generally understood that local people with local knowledge and a longterm interest in their area are uniquely equipped to create sustainable solutions to local needs. At the same time, higherlevel support and resourcing is often needed to make 'grassroots' solutions work. Current governance...

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