Advisory report on the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Dividend) Bill 2013

18 Mar 2013

On 13 March 2013, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications met and resolved to adopt the inquiry into the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Digital Dividend) Bill 2013, which was referred to it by the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. The letter requested the Committee report back to the House by 18 March 2013.

1.2 On 13 March 2013, the bill was also referred to the Committee for inquiry and report by the House of Representatives Selection Committee. In its referral, the Selection Committee provided the following ‘reasons for referral / principal issues for consideration’: There is concern about bandwidth issues arising from the bill, particularly as it might affect community groups.

The Committee received three submissions.

The Committee held a hearing on 14 March 2013, with witnesses from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) and the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA).

This report contains three sections, addressing:

  • the bill;
  • concerns raised with the Committee; and
  • Committee findings and recommendation.

The report recommends that the House of Representatives pass the bill.

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