Archives in the digital era


Many arts organisations are looking at how to archive their artworks and content for the future.  This resource gives an overview of the key issues and steps in digital archiving.

About digital archiving

Digital Archiving is the process of preserving and managing electronic files. An artist or arts organisation may decide to archive all sorts of content, from artworks to artist's notes and articles.

Why archive digital materials

Read more about some of the benefits of archiving digital materials, for artists, arts organisations, general public and government, academic and cultural institutions.

How to archive digital materials

Review the five key steps to archiving digital materials: planning; selecting; preparing and preserving; managing and delivering.

Case studies

Five case studies from the Australian Overview report featuring Australian Music Centre Online, Stephan Schütze's Sound Library, Aphids, Craft Australia and RealTime.


Some of the issues you should consider before you start planning your digital archive, including rights, revenues and some of the challenges you will face.


Some helpful links to online resources, tools and services who might help you along your archiving journey.

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