Manufacturing urbanism: an architectural practice for unfinished cities

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This PhD is a reflection upon an architectural practice developed over twelve years, incorporating architectural design, teaching and writing. The practice consists of a variety of projects ranging from full-scale architectural interventions to speculative urban proposals, and includes individually authored work alongside collaborations with an international network of practitioners and academics. Addressing this constellation of projects and approaches, the reflective process of this PhD served to identify two primary conceptual domains and drivers of the work: contemporary industrial manufacturing and urban transformation. The culmination of the research models a vehicle for future practice situated between these domains, predicated strongly on methods of prototyping and strategic incentivisation in the urban realm. A core agenda of the work is a predilection for, and prioritisation of, incompleteness in architectural design, structures of professional practice and urbanism. The research, presented through a written document and exhibition, is structured in five parts:

1. Staging Practices: case studies in how experimental design practices inform and redefine professional ones.

2. Industrial Practices: experiments with materials and methods of manufacturing in architectural work.

3. Urban Practices: documenting qualities of urbanism between phases of industrial or economic change.

4. Networked Practices: architectural experiments between manufacturing and urbanism.

5. Modelling a Future Practice: a platform for collaborative architectural practice at the intersection of urban/economic and industrial/material concerns.

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