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1 Sep 2016


This study examines and compares the use of Twitter by white nationalists, Nazi sympathizers, and ISIS supporters respectively, providing some preliminary comparisons of how each movement uses the platform.

Major findings include:

1. Major American white nationalist movements on Twitter...


7 Mar 2015

Presents a demographic snapshot of ISIS supporters on Twitter by analysing a sample of 20,000 ISIS-supporting Twitter accounts, mapping the locations, preferred languages, and the number and type of followers of these accounts.


Although much ink has been spilled on ISIS’s...


9 Apr 2013

In this podcast, J.M. Berger is interviewed about his new report: " Who matters online: measuring influence, evaluating content, and countering violent extremism in online social media networks ."

This podcast provides insight into using big data sets and social media to evaluate extremist...


28 Mar 2013

Through the analysis of thousands of Twitter accounts following prominent white nationalists and anarchists, this report offers new quantitative tools to identify highly engaged extremists in large social networks and to evaluate tactics for combating violent extremism (CVE) online.

The findings of this highly...

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