Metropolitan strategy for Sydney to 2031 - draft

1 Apr 2013

The draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney is a new plan to guide the city’s growth.

With around 1.3 million more people expected by 2031, Sydney will need around 545,000 new homes and 625,000 new jobs right across the metropolitan area.

Planning for this growth in the right way will help to boost our economy and make Sydney a great place to work and live.

The new draft strategy will help to put new housing and jobs in places right across the city. This will help to give people a choice of housing that is more affordable and enable them to work closer to where they live.

In particular, the draft strategy identifies a number of key places to focus new housing and jobs alongside good transport connections.

These plans are based on the latest information and evidence, and align with the projects in the Long Term Transport Master Plan and the State Infrastructure Strategy.

They also draw on feedback we received from hundreds of residents and community groups during our consultation on a discussion paper in 2012. View previous consultation.

We are now seeking further feedback on our draft plans to help inform the final Metropolitan Strategy, which will be released later this year.

We will then develop Subregional Delivery Plans for local areas of Sydney in partnership with communities and local councils.


Submissions close 31 May 2013.

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