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Briefing paper

13 Nov 2018

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s transport research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges facing Victoria’s freight sector.

Conference paper

16 Feb 2017

Effective road transport networks are essential for sustainability of mining activities as well as the liveability of the mining communities. This paper examines the mining impacts of road travel conditions in the Bowen Basin region, which produces about 83% of Queensland’s total coal product. A...

Conference paper

11 Dec 2015

The ‘last mile’ delivery in cities is not merely a logistics problem, but also a significant urban planning challenge. With the rapid growth of online retail transactions, the size and scope of last mile problem will more likely to escalate. The ‘atomisation’ of freight, de-bundling...


19 Jun 2013

This study finds that the availability of labour for housing construction is not a contributor to poor housing affordability in Victoria or Queensland.


This study utilises a mixed methods approach, including a literature review, exploratory interviews with industry stakeholders, quantitative analysis...


10 Apr 2013

The growing importance of logistics in increasingly globalised production and consumption systems strengthens the case for explicit consideration of the climate risks that may impact on the operation of ports in the future, as well as the formulation of adaptation responses that act to enhance...

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