Sheree Cairney

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Working paper

17 Sep 2015

Quality of life (e.g. wellbeing) can be severely affected for cultural or social minority groups when available mainstream services are incongruent to their needs. Governments can struggle to engage these populations in empowering ways towards the delivery of appropriate services and consequent wellbeing gains....

Journal article

13 Jun 2014

This study aimed to identify barriers to assessment for clinicians working with Aboriginal people in a remote context, and evaluate characteristics of assessments that clinicians considered to be more or less appropriate and thereby identify potential ways forward.


Background: Reliable...


15 Apr 2013

The availability of timely, comprehensive and good quality data specifically relevant to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander notions of health and wellbeing has been a significant obstacle to understanding and addressing related disadvantage in a meaningful way. This literature review for the CRC-REP Interplay...

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