TomTom Australia and New Zealand congestion index annual report 2012

4 Apr 2013

This report aims to provide the general public, industry and policy makers with unique and unbiased information about congestion levels in urban areas.

The methodology that is used in this report compares travel times during non-congested periods (free flow) with travel times in peak hours. The difference is expressed as a percentage increase in travel time. It takes into account local roads, arterials and highways.

All data is based on actual GPS based measurements and for each city the sample size is expressed in total number of measured kilometres for the period. As well as assigning and ranking the overall congestion levels of over 120 cities* on different continents, the report evaluates the congestion levels in cities at different times of the day and on different days of the week.

The report includes detailed information such as the most congested day, time delay per year for commuters and congestion levels on highways and local roads.

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