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20 Mar 2019

In 2018, CREATE conducted the largest ever independent survey of children and young people with a care experience, surveying 1275 children and young people about their experiences in the out-of-home care system. The results have been compiled in this report.


4 Oct 2018

This report presents findings from interviews with 148 young people who have been in out-of-home care and their experiences with the youth justice system, either as an offender, because they had been reported as missing or as a victim of crime. It recommends adopting a...


8 Sep 2016

CREATE Foundation (CREATE) has been concerned at the trajectory of poor life outcomes for many young people leaving out-of-home care (not all, but a significant proportion). Our work in highlighting the issues for young people transitioning to independence started with our seminal work in 2008,...


15 Jun 2015

Children and young people in out-of-home care across Australia have told CREATE that living with their brothers and sisters in care is very important and that they are the people they most want to contact when they are not living together. Our latest research shows...


9 Apr 2013

This survey was designed to provide a reference point for how the out-of-home care system is faring in 2013 from the point of view of the children and young people living in it.

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