A new flank: fresh perspectives for the next Defence White Paper

Defence International relations Australia

This reports outlines new policy perspectives from ANU academics on the strategic implications of Australia’s growing economic austerity, Australia’s Asia and the Pacific neighbourhood, and the use of the military and force structure issues to contribute towards the formulations of Australia’s next Defence White Paper.

The purpose of this paper is to offer a range of new and fresh perspectives that we hope might contribute towards the formulation of the Australian Government’s upcoming Defence White Paper, as well as the important policy and public debates that will almost certainly continue well beyond it.

Two of the contributions contained in this Centre of Gravity paper address the strategic implications of growing global economic austerity for Australia, two analyse Australia’s Asia- Pacific neighbourhood, whilst the remaining two cover uses of the military and force structure issues.

Authors include Brendan Taylor, Amy King, Andrew Carr, Joanne Wallis, Emma Campbell, John Blaxland and Peter Dean.

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