Overview of Australian Indigenous health status 2012

29 Apr 2013

This Overview of Australian Indigenous health status provides information about: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations; the context of Indigenous health; various measures of population health status; selected health conditions; and health risk factors.


  • Introduction
  • The context of Indigenous health
  • Births and pregnancy outcome
  • Mortality
  • Hospitalisation
  • Selected health conditions
  • Health risk factors
  • Concluding comments
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations



The overview also includes a Power Point slide show containing tables and key facts from the Overview which make an invaluable teaching resource.

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MacRae A, Thomson N, Anomie, Burns J, Catto M, Gray C, Levitan L, McLoughlin N, Potter C, Ride K, Stumpers S, Trzesinski A, Urquhart B

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