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16 Nov 2014

In Australia, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the US in 2001, more than sixty pieces of legislation have been passed into law, that significantly strengthen the powers of intelligence organisations. This program opens the file on one of Australia's earliest, highly secretive...


5 Jan 2014

In 1965/66, Australian troops fought a covert war inside Indonesian territory in Borneo. The Australian public was not told about these cross-border operations. In fact, they were kept so secret that only a handful of Cabinet Minister knew of their existence. The soldiers themselves were...


28 Apr 2013

The 1970s was a time of social and cultural transformation in Australia. The rise of women’s liberation, gay liberation, and the so-called ‘permissive society’ meant that the line between private behaviour and public life was beginning to break down.

There was a new willingness...

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