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24 Jan 2019

This edited collection examines 'good data' practices, values and principles from an interdisciplinary, international perspective. It aims to start a conversation on data futures and present steps to encourage the use of good data in practice.


27 Feb 2015

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) today released its report on the government’s proposed metadata retention laws .

The report makes a number of recommendations to revise and clarify the proposed bill, including:

offering monetary compensation for service providers to...

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28 Apr 2014

For many, particularly in the Anglophone world and Western Europe, it may be obvious that Google has a monopoly over online search and advertising and that this is an undesirable state of affairs, due to Google's ability to mediate information flows online. The baffling question...



7 Feb 2014

After years in the waiting, Google has finally struck a deal with the European Commission regarding alleged abuses of its dominant position in online search and advertising in the European Union.

The Commission opened its investigation (0) into Google more than three years ago....



20 Nov 2013

WHEN WikiLeaks published the August 2013 draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement’s chapter on intellectual property earlier this month, it was the first time anyone outside an inner sanctum of negotiators had seen any of the text since a previous leak in early 2011 (except,...

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