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15 Apr 2013

This report is about measuring temporary populations, in contrast to the permanent population measured by the Census undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years.


23 Mar 2012


Demography and politics

The population of Australia was estimated at 22.8 million in February 2012, making it the 51st most populous country in the world. With a settlement pattern dominated by six major cities, Australia is one of the most...


30 Nov 2009

'State of ageing in South Australia' is a joint project between the University of Adelaide, Flinders Uni, UniSA and the South Australian Ageing Research Round Table, an initiative of the Office for the Ageing. The project report was launched by the Minister for...

Journal article

1 Jan 2008

In post-demographic transition societies, the impacts of low fertility and aging are most strongly felt in peripheral areas where they are exacerbated by youth outmigration. International migration is increasingly seen to have the potential to offset these demographic constraints on economic development. In Australia, immigration...


19 Oct 2006

This report discusses the findings from a follow-up survey of 457 visa holders since the first surveys were conducted in 2003-04. The paper focuses on the changes that have occurred in their employment and residence status over the course of a year. It also examines...

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