Briefing paper

Key Points:


  • When examining security issues in the Indian Ocean region, we need to embrace a “New Indo-Pacific” concept — that is, a view of the region as including China, rather than merely the Indian Ocean and its littoral states.
  • The Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR - ARC) agenda should be enlarged to include not only economic but also non-traditional security issues.
  • Security needs to be understood as a multidimensional concept — that is, as including human security, economic and resources security, maritime security and environmental security as well as more traditional military concerns and seeing these different dimensions as inter-related.
  • There is potential to strengthen the Australian-India strategic relationship and for both states to facilitate the development of the security agendas of the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific security systems .
  • The main continuing areas of policy debate include: defining security; defining the term ‘Indo-Pacific’; the preeminence of the term ‘Indo-Pacific’ versus ‘Indian Ocean’; and the relative importance of each of the conclusions and recommendations.
  • There needs to be a process of translating policy recommendations into policy action for the Indian Ocean Region to become more secure.


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